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  • Retractable Banners On Show makes Retractable Banners with your logo.
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  • Sandwichboard On Show makes A-Frames in your design.
  • Plume/Teardrop Banners Teardrop (Plume) banners are custom made for you.

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Green PaintOur aim is to bring cost effective solutions with thoughtful alternatives to everyone from small businesses to corporate clients. Our quality assurance and fair pricing policy are integral to our success and yours!

Some of the many things that On Show can supply are:

Banners, coreflute signs, retractable banners, A-frame stands, pop-up tents, plume banners, spider displays, flags, bunting, car wraps, inflatables, shop front signage, street signage, brochure stands, entry boxes, snap lock picture frames, clothes racks, flooring, trussing, staging, lighting, audio visual gear, chairs, stools, dry bars, tables, tressel tables, umbrellas

And virtually anything else you may require .... just ask us!

Pics of sasha medvedeva