Wall Murals

Bring it on, whatever you have in mind, we can create it and we love a challenge. Here is an example of our custom work.

The challenge:

Create a wall mural for a client

What we did next:

For this challenge On Show took a series of night time photos of Brisbane. The client chose two photos to use and then On Show set about creating two enormous wall murals.

First, we had to take approximately 30 detail shots of each perspective and then literally stitch them back together to make the final large images.

The images were to be printed so large that this was the only way possible to generate enough resolution to keep the detail. Each image was then broken up into 45 smaller panels measuring 2.5m x 1.2m.

These sections were then printed and wrapped onto sound and fire proof baffles. Each baffle was then mounted onto the wall like a giant jigsaw puzzle to create the final masterpieces.

Then, ta da! What can we do for you?